So You Can Take Risks With Wisdom

Although starting a business requires you to take risks, a good entrepreneur knows how to minimize its effects.

Although I was not the best law student, the fact that I knew how to write well, was bigger than most of my classmates and had some experience in the real world, made me get one of the best jobs after graduating.

But that dream job soon became bitter when I realized that they were not paying me enough for everything I did. The hours were long and the work was very demanding. It did not take long for me to start dreaming about quitting that job and starting my own firm.

Doing that is easier said than done. How do you do to leave the security of a job and salary for the uncertainty of a new business? The potential dangers seemed too great, it was when I remembered the words that a wise entrepreneur once told me:

“An entrepreneur is a person willing to take a risk with money to make money.”

He was absolutely right, the risk was part of the game. There was no other way. Try new ideas, open a new store, launch a new product, everything involves a risk. Maybe the first thing you should ask is whether taking them is part of your DNA.

Risks: the good, the bad and the heartbreaking

How can we know the difference? After all, with great risks come great rewards .

In a way it is visceral, you know that you have a great risk when you look at it head on. In his book Blink , Malcolm Gladwell says that the reactions of your instinct are the best because your subconscious takes all the information available and records immediate reliable answers. In other words, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night worrying about something, it may be true that this is a risk that you want to avoid in the future.

With all due respect to Gladwell, risk connoisseurs use both the left side of their brain and the right side. The instincts are good, but they can not replace the typical logical analysis.

When you analyze a business risk, consider:

  • The growth potential. You’re taking a risk to get ahead, so you should start with what can work if it works. The problem is that this is where the analysis stops because the perceived results are so tempting that people freeze. Do not make that mistake.
  • The worst case. One way in which entrepreneurs know the risks is through experience, making mistakes. These happen in business too. It’s your job to make sure no mistake ruins your business.

The last part of the equation to become an entrepreneur and knowledgeable about risks is that, before taking risks, smart entrepreneurs put in place mechanisms to ensure that their exposure is never so great.

These include:

  • Insurance. What is it for? To reduce the risk. Not being properly insured is bad for the business.
  • Incorporation. Any person in a small business who wants to be a connoisseur of risks will have incorporated their business. Corporate shields protect your personal assets from the risks and mistakes of the business.
  • Written contracts. People remember different things. Sometimes they do not remember anything or incorrectly on purpose. A written contract is your protection against all these inevitable incidents.

The Best Internal DVD Burners Samsung SH-224DB BEBE

The Best Internal DVD Burners Samsung SH-224DB BEBE

If you buy this model will bring a reliable brand at home at a very little cost this is the writer with the best value for price ever. It has a very satisfying writing speed for the price it costs up to 24x (and frankly we tell you that there are not many cases in which need more speed, especially if you do not use often drives). If you make a gentle use of CD and DVD it is what’s right for you, and is also quite quiet compared to the rest of the PC, of ??any kind it is. The support is then also guaranteed for reading and writing CD and DVD Dual Layer.

The best internal DVD burners Liteon IHDS118

Here’s another hard disk from the value for money that is not very well defined in the superlative of internal DVD writers sector harga iphone 2018. It is equipped with a great efficiency and speed since it allows to burn up to a maximum of 48x for CD, while for DVD have a maximum of 18x. We have the same compatibility for dual layer discs, while the width of the SATA interface bandwidth is 1.5 GB per second and ensures a good transfer rate. Certainly not a top because they can not find at this price, but was praised by the whole industry critics hardly leaving some unhappy customer.

The best internal DVD burners Samsung SH-224FB RSMS

Only slightly increases the price of this recorder (convenience remains unchanged), but the quality is growing a lot and this is also evidenced by the excellent user feedback. Unlike the previous model the brand is printed here on the tray, which is very important for those who assembles people’s PCs. Included in the purchase you’ll also have a SATA cable to connect the recorder to your PC. Good speed that manages to reach the even 24x for DVD, and all this without being noisy in a particular way. And we guarantee that relevant to speed even this recorder hardly mistaken. If you buy it then you will also receive the software for the ideal BIOS update for it to work efficiently on any PC.The second side Control instead is voted in a particular way to the precision. The mat also has a palm rest memory, which is able to store the shape of the user’s wrist to guarantee maximum ergonomics. Even here there is also a non-slip bottom.…

The Formats Of Photographic Film

The Formats Of Photographic Film

In previous articles we talked about the history of photography and the art, complete with explanatory film, used for the production of photographic film. Films which, as mentioned, exist in different formats. But what are the most common formats or rather, those who are still currently on the market?

Size certainly most famous is the 35mm, also simply called 135. This film, in spite of what you might believe, was not created specifically for photography as for cinematography smilesmultimedia. Precisely for its use inside the cameras they were introduced sequences of holes in the top and bottom of the film so that the same could advance (remember the cameras crank) of the tracking wheels. In his film format, the photosensitive area was equal to 18X24 mm: the height of the frame was therefore equal to half of what is indicated in the name known to us (apart from a millimeter of frame), only introduced at a later time, or when photography static adopted this type of film, but doubling the height: 36 × 24 mm.

The 35mm film with its holes advancement allowed the camera manufacturers (there were not yet automated production machinery) to produce equipment that is very simple and cheap and this allowed the boom of photography. By the way, the traditional metal-plastic cylinder (which serves as both a physical protection against the light) that allowed the masses replacement within seconds of the film was introduced by a grand name in the photographic universe: Leica (the inventor was some Oskar Barnack)

The 35mm film, as is now almost only relegated to lomography (with all major manufacturers that have closed factories), has become a landmark in the digital world: all sensors are in fact sized on it. The full frame SLR are in fact equipped with sensors of the size equal to 36x24mm while all the compact express the size of its own sensor relating them to it (for example, ½, 5, 1 / 1.6, and so forth).

A second film which is still very widespread and used for the photography of large dimensions (the film still costs much less than that of sensors of larger dimensions of 35mm) is that defined Medium Format. The advantage of the film Medium Format is the ability to allow a greater imaging area than the 135 but at the same time be “enough” to handle, especially when compared to the large format, or rather to the optical bench.…

A Apartment That Will Conquer You for Your Taste

A Apartment That Will Conquer You for Your Taste

In this Book of Ideas we will visit a great-looking, eclectic style apartment combining classic touches with contemporary design, luxury and practicality, comfort and elegance in a multifaceted and multifaceted interior design project from France. Let’s get together for this little dream. Follow us.

Ideas for your corridor

A space often overlooked is that of the corridor. In this project we can see how it is possible to make it a fascinating environment. The exposed stone wall is enhanced by the presence of a targeted and naturally enlarged illumination with a large mirror, which recalls and multiplies the materiality of the stone. To complete the configuration, a large photograph.

Spatial distribution

In the kitchen, as we see, we find a perfect space distribution. The large central wood table is embraced by workbenches and lightweight wooden shelves. The chairs are of different materials and shapes, reinforcing the eclectic style of the apartment. The exposed ceiling beams are enhanced by the suspension lamps, for a retro touch of great impact.

Kitchen and living together

The limited size of the apartment is exploited to perfection through an open configuration that holds together different areas. Kitchen and living room are made in one room thanks to a perfect distribution of furnishing accessories. The accentuated chromaticities of the electric blue sofa and the presence of a dark wood cabinet guarantee a smooth transition between the different areas.

Natural and artificial lighting

Illumination is of fundamental importance in the project, able to harmonize natural and artificial light to locate the different areas precisely and fluidly, separating the areas dedicated to the kitchen and those dedicated to the living area.

Elegant and rich in style

The living area exploits the accentuated chromaticity of the sofas, creating a combination of material of great elegance. The walls with the stone in the foreground add a rustic and informal touch to space, intimate and lively at the same time.

We carefully study artificial lighting

In order to make the kitchen more functional, in addition to natural light, it is important to carefully study the natural illumination: we therefore expect a capillary system that directs the light on the different areas of work. If we look for a few tips we might read ‘7 reasons to have an island in the kitchen’.

We do not underestimate the importance of shelves

As a last tip, but not least, remember not to underestimate the importance of the shelves: fundamental to keep everything in sight and at your fingertips. Especially when the space available for the hangars is reduced.

Classic and functional

The bathroom, as we see it, resembles the style eclecticism combining modern and retro in an elegant and functional setting, featuring a classic two-color bathtub.…

From Grandma House to Chic Apartment (Palermo)

From Grandma House to Chic Apartment (Palermo)

This apartment is a project by DANIELA INZERILLO, architect and relooker, which has literally upset the style of an old and obsolete house transforming it into something sophisticated and in keeping with the times! The most important change has affected the distribution system from the traditional division into environments, the modern concept of open space has shifted.

The living area is now a fluid space, where the various environments are connected and communication is facilitated. On the other hand, over time, habits have changed a lot and it is increasingly rare to engage in slow cooking or to organize formal lunches or dinners. Instead, it tends to privilege relaxation and company, given the hectic pace, and therefore a unique and continuous space will certainly respond better to new housing needs. The extremely welcoming living room and dining room will surprise you and the kitchen … definitely has something extra!

The kitchen before and after

You do not need an expert eye to realize that the kitchen before the job left much to be desired. At organizational level, there was absolutely a need for a renewal and stylistic … are words needed

The new kitchen is totally open on the rest of the living area and in this way is also much brighter. Light, in fact, is a feature characterizing the project, which gives a lot of personality! Note the spotlights on the daytime opening and the Led lights that illuminate the work area.

The new open-plan facility

The new open space setting definitely gives a much more contemporary look to the living area, which was, with the separation walls and the dark wooden doors, much more damp.

The stay before and after

In the living room there were really too many items and they were crowded without an apparent criterion, with the result of a great disorder, a chaotic, no restful look. Now the living room is characterized by a classic modernity, with an elegant atmosphere, suitable for receiving guests with a certain degree of sophistication but without exaggerating, maintaining a relaxed and informal climate.

An area for informal meals

The kitchen is open on two sides, from a tall one to the dining room and then to the living room, on the other it transforms the work space into a comfortable plan for informal and fast meals, such as breakfast. Very beautiful the suspended lights that complete this space, with that slim and elongated shape, a real shot of design!


Also in the bedroom we find a pleasant play of lights, which brings a bit of dynamism on the head wall and makes the atmosphere warm and cozy – thanks also to the presence of wood. Really impressed the shabby lamp detail on the left!…

The Role Of The Leader Is Comparable To That Of A Football Coach

The Role Of The Leader Is Comparable To That Of A Football Coach

Leadership, the ability and the art of creating and managing the consensus around an idea and a project is always accompanied by some attitudes and dispositions that can be recognized and trained as determinants in the formation of driving behaviors.

First, the ability to build relationships of trust, which must of course be reciprocal, and thus continuously fed binary options. Each person translates in its express their own way of being and feeling, as well as to think; for this reason, a good leader must be able to communicate, this term the ability to enhance all of the verbal language tools and especially nonverbal to convey feelings, emotions, attention and security.

A strong emphasis on the sense of knowledge sharing and the ability to collaborate, which depends on the atmosphere, the climate of the organization and its culture; this is a responsibility that the leaders can not evade. He is aware that, to succeed, must be able to know how to use the full capability of its employees by organizing them into teams, guiding them to effective collaboration and delegating to each his share of tasks and responsibilities. The leader’s role is comparable to that of a football manager he will never enter the field because his contribution is to prepare men to win any challenge, dragging them in difficult times and frenandoli in successful occasions; He must agree to be considered the culprit in the case of failure, but give back and share with all the merits of a victory.

One of the pillars that form the basis of good leader, you also know how to handle conflicts. To demonstrate this capability the leader must be able to listen to the ideas of others; define and circumscribe the problem; weigh the facts (which are objective), distinguishing them from opinions (which are subjective); learn to seek compromise; able to satisfy the conflicting demands; and, finally, use the flexible thinking, because you can solve a situation of impasse, finding a third way or proposing an innovative solution that solves everything and systems.

True leaders do not just play a role, but they are brought to build a horizon (vision) for which to strive. The vision comes from a mental process that helps to pass from the known to the unknown, the plan for the future, starting from an innovative reconstruction of facts, hopes, dreams, risks and opportunities.…

An Elegant Vase To Transform A Small Bathroom

An Elegant Vase To Transform A Small Bathroom

In a small apartment, the smallest room is almost always the bathroom. That said, we do not believe that the decoration should be neglected. In the image, we can see how the red flowers completely change the feeling that space, predominantly white, conveys. A good solution to provide depth to the environment is the placement of a large mirror. Simple and elegant.

The importance of the mirrors

Rare are the times in which, in small apartments, the spaces appear integrated. This is a good solution when trying to further expand the environments that visually connect different areas of the house. However, some people prefer independent spaces, each with its own personality. In this project, we can see how a large wall separates the living room and kitchen areas. But is not any wall. The wall is completely covered with mirrors that offer a greater depth and distribute the light more evenly.

A vertical garden

For those who love plants, but has little room to have in abundance, there is the possibility of installing of vertical gardens. And ‘the case of this apartment. The vertical garden has a strong presence in space, making it more elegant and isolating both from a thermal point of view that acoustic.

The lamps with modern design

However small it may be, the dining room can provide ingenious solutions. A good option is to have a modern suspended lamps which runs along the length of the board.

The recessed lights are more functional

The recessed and suspended lights are functional. Furthermore, they have a modern choice, able to create a very pleasant and quiet, and therefore more conducive to rest.

A well distributed kitchen

A well distributed kitchen, with light colors such as white, gives the sense of order and cleanliness, with a simple design that can be useful for the insertion of a laundry in a similar way to what we see in the image.

A laundry room in neutral tones

Ninth in our image, we see the laundry room of the house that has charming details such as wicker baskets and small plants, essential to transform a common decoration in an elegant and refined decor.

warm and cozy details

In a small room you must not give up elements such as a fireplace so as to be well organized and at the same time very inviting. Everything is possible!

An elegant table

The decor of the dining room has special determining its essence and uniqueness. simple decorative elements such as a flower vase without delay, make a much more special table.

Neutral colors for the bedroom

In small rooms, it is necessary to incorporate neutral and warm colors like white and beige, a good ploy to create a relaxed and peaceful.…

Sulfur, a Natural Mineral that Overcomes Acne

Acne on the face is annoying and disturbing appearance. However, the presence of sulfur material can be a solution to this irritating problem. Sulfur is better known for its egg-like scent than good for the skin. This natural mineral has actually been used as a skin care for centuries.

This substance has also been shown to be able to fight various skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriaris. Fortunately, more and more skin care brands have begun to incorporate these substances into their product formulas. Thanks to this, we do not have to soak in sulfur water every day as ancient Romans used to get the benefits.

Sulfur has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can cleanse the pores of acne-causing bacteria. It also helps prevent new bacteria from manifesting on the skin surface. This natural mineral is also useful for reducing the production of sebum in the skin causing excess oil production. Sebum is an oil gland (sebaceous glands) in the form of microscopic glands located just below the skin. Read more about sebum on: Acne and sebaceous gland function. – NCBI

Wearing sulfur can reduce the oil in the skin is very beneficial for people with acne. Sulfur was first reported to be useful for acne in 1949 and some preliminary studies in 1950 suggest this material is indeed useful. The benefits of this substance have been popular for years and have a peeling effect on the skin surface and are antimicrobial.

Unfortunately, for those who can not tolerate this substance will be susceptible to irritation and dry skin. In the case of milder acne, the topical sulfur used in the cream may be beneficial.

Sulfur is also useful as keratolitik because it works by peeling the top layer of skin when applied, able to remove dead skin cells and form a new layer of better on the skin. Some skin care experts say, these minerals can act as natural exfoliate substances.

Sulfur-based skincare products are excellent at removing impurities from the skin and disinfecting pores.

Proper handling for acne problems can make us get the best. However, like most skin care, these substances are not always appropriate for every skin type and can actually be harmful for some people, especially for dry or sensitive skin owners.

Therefore, a high pH balance can aggravate skin irritation by disrupting the skin’s protective layer. So, we need to consult a dermatologist before starting to use skin care products that contain this material. Moreover, based on research in 2012 says, the smell of rot to sulfur is often the reason why this substance is often avoided as skin care products.…


5 Prohibition After C-section Operation

Cesarean delivery means giving birth with surgery which is a major surgery. So there are some taboos that should be avoided after a cesarean section. Actually I share these things with the caesarean girls because I have given birth to my baby by cesarean section. Because now everyone lives in a state of fluency and they face many problems after giving birth, so I can share my experience with Mother.


1. Avoid Sports

The first one is important. Yes mother, actually after giving birth baby, we really start thinking to return to normal form. But this is wrong, you should wait until 6 months. So why exercise to wait up to 6 months? because it will create pressure on the abdominal area and will damage the stitches.

So avoid lifting heavy objects, such as a bucket filled with water etc. So wait up to 6 months. Mother can start with pelvic floor exercises done while exhaling.

2. Avoid Constipation

We know constipation creates pressure on the abdominal area and it creates a burning sensation in the stitches of the mother. So stop eating junk food, spicy food. Drink plenty of water, eat green leafy vegetables. This is to keep the intestine system healthy and stitches will be safe and stomach area will also feel good now.

3. Avoid heavy activity

Yes, avoid housework, all the work that keeps mothers like us having major surgery. So do not be naive, body needs a rest. Steal time to rest every moment the mother can, because the body of the mother needs to rest to recover from caesarean section.

If the house is 2 floors, consider daily needs for several weeks placed on one floor. Even if that means the mother makes her own mini house in the mother’s room.

4. Avoid having sex

Avoid sex for up to three months with your mate, as it puts pressure on the abdominal area and also puts pressure on the stitches. In addition, the mother’s cervix needs time to heal and close.

During this healing period the mother should avoid putting anything in the vagina, if it does not want to harm yourself. So avoid it, or ask your doctor after a cesarean section when it can be related.

5. Avoid sitting on your feet (squat)

Now last but not the end. This abstinence is sitting at your feet. Yes actually after giving birth to a baby, we women start thinking that we can sit in the portion we want. But that’s completely wrong, we should not sit on our feet especially for up to six months. Because it will create pressure on the area of ​​our stomach and the back area of ​​the mother.

If we will not take care of this pain, the fear will last a lifetime. So avoid sitting on your feet, for example in squatting toilets, mopping floors, yoga, and anything. Avoid this for up to six months.…

Performance Ministation Air 2

Performance Ministation Air 2

By testing with the Crystal Disk Mark the Hard Disk Drive Wifi MiniStation Air 2, it is a good unit with performance that is appropriate for the category we find results that are absolutely aligned with 109MB s reading and about 87MB s in writing. In reality, trying to transfer data to the disk I had quietly peaks over 110MB s with very large files (4GB).

Despite this margin note thanks to DLNA technology, you can leverage the disk with one of hundreds of applications on the devices we use.Using the notebook, you can access the MiniStation Air 2 simply by connecting to the network created by it and typing in any browser the address connected to the MiniStation Air 2, it will be essential to connect to the Internet itself via a special section on the browser itself (because on android, as mentioned above, the crasha application unfortunately) then it will be enough to select the homeID SSID and enter its password. If you do not have access control (as in my case) the connection will be a matter of seconds.

By recapitulating With the Wi-Fi in your device (tablets, notebooks, smartphones) you connect to the network created by the Hard Disk Wifi Ministation Air 2; From the application, or rather from the browser, you can navigate through your home network so you can enjoy both disk and internet content (more information on how to connect is available on the booklet and even better in the pdf Downloadable support from the Buffalo site).

It is therefore easy to connect to the Hard Disk Wifi MiniStation Air 2 and enjoy content even in cases where there is no real app to connect to it for example, in my case I tried connecting it to a smart tv with wifi; Once identified the Ministat network, the connected devices directly featured the disk with which it was possible to stream all the content supported by the tv (so .avi and .mkv without the least problem) via the DLNA.

As for Buffalo’s directions, the Hard Disk Wifi actually supports up to 8 simultaneous connections and up to 3 streams without any slowdowns in streaming – satisfactory for having only one 2.4ghz band. The disk has a powerful enough wifi that can easily cover the two floors of the home if positioned strategically at the center of it; Otherwise, in some parts of the house you will not have coverage (as opposed to what happens with a router positioned at the same point). When we are far enough away from the MiniStation Air 2, the speed drops, but not too much, and it is still possible to stream without too much trouble.…