3 Tips on Caring for the Right Beard, Guys Must Know

If you like to keep a beard, as reported by Pomadewarna you must know how to take care of the beard is right, so in addition to get the benefits of beard for skin care, you also can look more macho and handsome with your beard. If not treated, the beard can be a nest of bacteria and dirt, will also cause the smell of odor. Take care of the beard on your chin properly, such as the following ways:

3 Tips on Caring for the Right Beard, Guys Must Know

1. Trim the beard

Keep the length of the beard on your chin. Therefore, you should diligently cut it according to the size limit you want. For young people should keep a beard with a size that is not long, this will make your appearance more awake and interesting. Long beard size is more suitable for older men, while for young men, 1 to 2 cm long beard is enough.

2. Use shampoo or cream

The beard also needs to be cleaned, you can use shampoo to clean it. In addition, to keep the beard moist, you can also use a cream product for a beard that can take care of beard hair and provide enough nutris for the treatment.

3. Choose the beard shape according to the face shape

Reflect and notice the shape of your face. Is the model of your beard now appropriate? For those of you who have small face size, should not keep the beard widened especially the long size. You can adjust the smaller size. Similarly for those of you who have a rather wide face shape, you have the opportunity to make a model of a wider beard and a more dense size.

Note also the color of your beard and not to be left with the appearance of your hair wear suavecito. To keep the beard to keep the color black it must be given enough nutrition and a special moisturizer. You need a special product to care for the Sunnah of the Prophet. In addition, every bath you have to clean your beard, especially in hot weather and make the skin become oily. The beard gets smeared faster and creates an unpleasant odor.…

The Forbidden Facts About How to Lose 10 Percent Body Fat in 2 Weeks Revealed by an Expert

how to lose 10 percent body fat in 2 weeks

Hopefully you’re listening to your body enough so that you’re able to relate the foods that you eat to how you’re feeling. Many times, the body sends out thirst signals if it isn’t getting enough water. It can not tell time. The human body was created to lift heavy things.

So as to lose 10 lbs of fat, you must boost your metabolic rate. A high portion of your body is water, but too much water retention will cause you to look bloated. Seventy percent of the body is comprised of water, and water has an important function in keeping up the appropriate functioning of various organs within the body. Huge numbers of people around the world are aiming to drop weight no matter gender.

The Pain of How to Lose 10 Percent Body Fat in 2 Weeks

Drink a glass per day and it will allow you to lose 4 pounds in 12 weeks. Losing 20 pounds isn’t an easy endeavor however, you must not allow the stress get to you. It isn’t possible to lose five pounds of fat overnight, the human body doesn’t work like that.

Weight loss itself doesn’t mean much and even if you’re ready to lose 20 pounds in such short time, then it’s mostly water and lean muscle, not fat. So as a way to lose 2 pounds per week, which is deemed slow weight reduction in the diet Earth, you’ve got to make a 1000 calorie deficit each moment. Always bear in mind that it’s possible to eliminate weight in 2 weeks. If you wish to shed weight as an endomorph it will take plenty of hard work as you are working against your body’s nature to some degree. If you want to drop some weight, of course you should stick to a typical healthful diet. If you’re not seeking to drop some weight, eat your three square meals per day. If you would like to slim down as well as perking up the butt, you’ll have to adhere to a really high-vegetable, high-lean-protein diet.

There are a lot of unique strategies to shed the fat on your physique. The only real means to lose fact fat is to receive your body fat to a low enough percentage your face fat goes with it. You don’t need to kill yourself to acquire lean and lose all the unwanted fat you’re carrying at this time. There are many ways that may help you lower the chest fat and remove your boobs. Something you have to know about fat is that stores acid within the body. Exercising is the best method of decreasing the chest fat and man boobs for many explanations. You see, most of us have a significant quantity of body fat they’d love to shed and that could take a while.

Fats are additionally critical in enhancing the flavor and edibility of sustenance. As an endomorph who would like to eliminate belly fat and really begin to find some definition, you will need to focus on your diet. Losing your stubborn belly fat is extremely simple if you adhere to a few unique measures.…

How to Burn Fat Naturally – an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

how to burn fat naturally

The ideal way to burn fat is most likely not what you believe. You have to make sure the fats you eat are good for your wellness. Having more lean muscle in your entire body usually means that you’re burning more fats and calories even if you’re resting, while sleeping, you will burn more fats as you’re awake.

Exercise can improve your metabolism enhance your outlookand it’s something it is possible to benefit from right now. Since it is an essential key to losing weight, always try to find opportunities to do some. Even in the event you don’t wind up working out a lot, a small exercise is far better than no exercise.

Top Choices of How to Burn Fat Naturally

For burning fat, it’s important to burn calories. In 2003 Obesity Research found it may help burn calories, probably on account of the simple fact that it boosted energy. You will probably reduce the quantity of calories you eat throughout that meal.

Facts, Fiction and How to Burn Fat Naturally

By sleeping more, you permit your body to unwind and repair itself. Our entire body utilizes sugar and carbohydrates to create energy. Your body knows the way to burn fat naturally as you are sleeping, so doing whatever you can to be healthy and sleep well will prevent you on track to achieve that. It needs fat for numerous important tasks. Your entire body holds water in case you don’t drink enough. Aside from that, when it lacks rest, it can abnormally boost your appetite in trying to compensate for the lack of sleep. Rather than focusing on digesting, the body is able to use energy to fix.

Fat burners may be potentially dangerous if you aren’t responsible. They use precisely calculated ingredients to raise metabolism, increase mobilization of fatty acids, and decrease appetite. As you are considering buying a fat burner you’ve got to select through thousands of goods. When you buy a fat burner from a creditable source, you understand exactly what it is that you are getting. Don’t forget to always have cardio and a decrease in your daily diet for your fat burner to do the job.

How to Burn Fat Naturally Secrets That No One Else Knows About

You’re gaining plenty of muscle, but if you burn through 50 pounds of fat now you’re prepared to burn the subsequent 50 lbs. Metabolically, muscles are somewhat more active than other tissues within the body. Quite simply, it won’t decrease the total amount of muscle you’ve got in your entire body.

You might feel a little silly in the beginning, but it really can help in regards to managing your weight. A good deal of us have struggled with our weight at some point or another. For the reason, it’s vital for every single individual to keep a wholesome weight yet in the ideal approach.

The History of How to Burn Fat Naturally Refuted

When you’re working to find out the way to drop weight, know that there is really no magic thing which works for everybody. If you would like to drop some weight, you ought to be cutting back on added sugars. Then, as you begin to shed weight and have more energy, you are going to discover that it’s simpler to become more physically active. Doing a short cleanse or detox is among the best strategies to shed weight fast. Therefore, if you’ve struggled with weight in years past now you don’t need to ever again. Walking is among the easiest (and most underrated) ways to shed weight. Thus, you can eat anything you want without gaining more weight.…

The Other Tax Tremonti Part By 200 Billion Of Subsidized. The Parable Of The Accountant

The Other Tax Tremonti Part By 200 Billion Of Subsidized. The Parable Of The Accountant

We are among the few countries in Europe that are planning a tax reform, a word of economy minister Giulio Tremonti and the will of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. laudable initiative, just and worthy to reform the Italian tax system. Tremonti has been working on this project, four committees were established and by the end of April will have to deliver to the Minister the results of their investigations, then follow a long parliamentary process and not to actually build the thing. The reform, however, will not lead to a reduction in the tax burden, but only at streamlining it is on paper written in government papers. Although a general, distraction distracts from the reality ground, indeed by the official nature of the government numbers, tuto is pretty darn clear.

zero deficit by 2014 means 35 billion euro less public spending or higher taxes, the bill did the Bank of Italy. So, the more taxes you can not, but even less tax http://smconsult.co.id/id/jasa-konsultan-pajak-jakarta. And then it remains only a tax otherwise it will not be easy, not easy. Because there is no category or territory does not ask itself a tax advantages. But then it turns out that the tax advantages have it almost all for decades. And that unlike tax will mean giving to some and remove others.

Knight reiterates the intention of his government to open a period of major reforms, from justice to that institution, not to mention the tax which, in Berlusconi’s intentions, should simplify the current sistema.Ma if everyone knows it, no one admits it, especially during the rallies the reform must one to make, but will not mean lower taxes.

All things financed through taxes, to which the foreigner who has a second home ” does not contribute ”, having the tax residence elsewhere. The total income for the state coffers, always estimate the ministry, it would still be quite small about 176 million euro in 2012, compared with a loss of income for the ISF reduction of more than 1.8 billion euro. The property tax reform on higher incomes, approved today by the board of the French ministers, foresees a rise in the threshold of application, from 800 thousand euro of tax to 1.3 million, and the reduction of rates of taxation, the 0, 25% for income taxed in the first end (1.3000000 to 3,000,000 euro), and 0.5% for those in the second (over 3 million).…

Tax Holidays In Europe To Fund Security Funds

Tax Holidays In Europe To Fund Security Funds

The goal is to increase and ensure the safety of air traffic to that which you compete the EU. In fact, the bill could be approved soon aims to make money through those flying within the Schengen area.

The bill, reports Il Giornale,

will serve to establish the Etias (the Eu travel information and Authorisation System), ie a system to protect the territory of the member states and monitor 30 million hits in one year in a more efficient way.

The cost could be around 12 euro per passenger, bringing in potential figures coffers of Brussels between 500 million and 2 billion euro.

Finally, the spirit of the Constitution can not be humiliated by means of instrumental technical intervention or fine and sophisticated interpretative disquisitions. The rule of law and legal certainty in the application of national law must be safeguarded by the country and in the country and should be, on equal terms, even in the choice of the most appropriate way to act on the economic and financial limits of the budget.

The state must not give in to the temptation to solve problems taking the perverse way of generational conflict, using a double weapon first the long times of the Italian justice framed, made the spells debt, in the context of life expectancy for d ‘end age; and secondly the possibility to cancel a decree (Decree 652015 that has eluded the sentence 702015 of the consultation with the declaration d ‘unconstitutionality of art. 24 paragraph 25 dl 2012011 Monti government’, effectively restoring the block of equalization of pension payments) to the applicants a favorable judgment, or even involvement in a network of power the supreme Court and spalleggiando advanced rebuke from Senator Monti against judges at the judgment with which they had in fact considered unconstitutional the failure to re-evaluation of pensions.

The thing that makes the most damage is the repeated blockage of indexation, ie adaptation albeit very partial allowance for inflation. The block produces damage on the extent of the check that remain permanet for life, retiree and pension.

Fact number one just a few months ago the government made an effort of the devil to impose a solidarity contribution from very dubious constitutionality on pensions to 90,000 euro a year. How can we think that a few months after you impose contributions on pensions of € 40,000 a year Politically and socially implausible.…

An Elegant, Modern House and Shabby Chic

An Elegant, Modern House and Shabby Chic

Today we will explore the interiors of a home furnished by the interior designer Gian Paolo Guerra, very classical interiors, but also give a lot of modern and shabby chic elements, creating a unique and fashion-independent result. The keyword is cozy, the environments, especially the living room, are extremely warm thanks to the massive presence of wood, both for the furniture and the floor. Parquet – in this case wide slats – is the main ingredient when you want to create interior living that knows home.

The living area

This stay is the perfect space to receive guests in great style, offering perhaps a fine wine or a good whiskey. Everything screams elegance, from full-height curtains to wall-mounted furniture, full of details and complete with lights. Impossible not to notice some modern and minimalist touches, such as the table in the foreground, with a metallic black structure, very simple and geometric, and a wooden top.

A space attentive to the smallest detail

Here is a view that makes justice right to this space! The moldings that enrich the furniture are recalled by the motifs we find on the ceiling and, as can be seen in the background, on the staircase wall. In addition to the walls and furnishings – fixed and non – they are also well cared for decorative items and decorative items, all chosen with great accuracy.

Fine furniture

This solid wood furniture is a really remarkable piece. The closable shelf, which we see here open, is a great place to exhibit some splendid objects.

A relaxing space

The palette of the living room is fairly clear and the result is a relaxed, quiet tone. Very nice light gray nuances of the sofas.

I study

A small part of the room has been devoted to the study, but it does not take away the fluidity of the spaces, but leaving everything inside this unique open space. The bookcases, though perfectly integrated with the ceiling of moldings, have a shabby chic look, very well complemented by lights. Delightful desk!

The kitchen

In the kitchen there is a particular mix of elements the dining table chairs dominate the space with contemporary design, very sophisticated, while the work area has a purely rustic, shabby, very delicate and perfect character in combination with the table!

The master bedroom

The master bedroom has a solemn, elegant and very romantic atmosphere. The fabrics give a very refined tone to the room, and there is also a lack of paintings and full-height tents that help keep the sophisticated atmosphere that the rest of the house has used to us.…

Virtual Birthday Cards

Virtual Birthday Cards

In the event you count on greeting card cards being a promotion tool to the own enterprise, it is likely that you distribute thank you cards and holiday titles to an average foundation. Subsequently, pick who needs to receive yourself a card. Or if you should be perhaps not overly creative, you then can only choose an animated card that might express far better your feelings. Most gift-cards start using an host-based laptop or computer strategy to place the worthiness of those cards since they truly are redeemed and sold.

You have to select a card that will be able to assist you in expressing your authentic emotions. To start with, the cards are popular as they are economical. Additionally, there are some amusing cards too available. The electronic cards such as greetings can be found in every layouts and fashion. Over the years, handmade digital cards now are quite typical. You will find all online cards which you’re likely to need to get as well as maybe it truly is a good idea to be aware of the adequate are as you may go to enjoy sending complimentary cards.

Virtual Birthday Cards

By the time, sending out greeting cards for birthdays will wind up computerized, and also with all the perfect platform, you’re ready to computerize it todo the large part of the task for you. Personalised cards could you should function as the prior piece of these marketing processes. Getaway cards are a cheap and productive promotion instrument. Online birthday cards offer a lot of gains.

When using the Cards sport it will be potential to customize and ship entirely free cards, then start using a birthday calendar, and possess an individual birthday set and respective reminders. 1 2 3 no cost cards can be a huge spot to start. Quite numerous words you’ll find several cards that birthday wishes to daddy and also separate for mom etc. You’ll find respective cards for assorted connections. Facebook matches also have shown a lot of attractiveness throughout the previous calendar year. The match additionally enables you also begin your birthday sighting. Playing with a board game will be an effective system to laugh and bond.

A vacation for the company internet site or telephone to essentially the absolute most essential switchboard may save you in squandering a charge. You just search for exactly what you’re looking for lunch at night as you have got no hint things you want to try to eat for the rest of the week. In numerous approaches, the retail stores such as cards will probably be a1 stop store for many of your requirements. You are unsure if you will discover workout online. The deal should be this great women and men simply are unable to withstand it, whichever it’s. You might also need the choice of delivering e-cards additionally. It is likely to be soon less complicated for you personally whether you select an individual card arrangement to get annually and earn an effort to it however if you want to produce sure they are a little more particular for distinctive clients, you might always grab smaller efforts of cards that are more personalized.

You will undoubtedly allow it to be a memorable gift. Possibly your birthday leaves you to come to feel lonely that is correct for lots of men and women. Does this demonstrate you just care to consider their birthday minus the aid of some personal computer, however also, but it gives you the occasion to permit them to realize you have a superb awareness of humor? It’s obviously more straightforward to obtain the birthday just if you never request season. You can communicate the joyous birthday wishes for loved ones via numerous different ways.

After taking part in island heaven, you’re ready to visit and see family and friends. You’ll find people that are willing to cover various folks to maintain their good friend. My friends let me maybe even worse. Whatever the scenario, their good friends may additionally bill condolences and receive messages passing. Doubleclick on all those people that you visit, and also you’re in a position to validate or refuse that confronts fit in with this specific pal or comparative.…

10×10 Kitchen Designs

Our kitchen cupboards are created with the utmost excellent stock which may be located about the business. Predicated on how big is this room and also if you are likely into this ceiling with one’s tile. Tile gets got the capacity to change the method that you and your company perceive exactly the magnitude of this floor since it delivers a grid of grout outlines onto earth, which will create the area appear smaller or larger than it happens to be. Larger rock tiles are rough to classic. Therefore a few rustic-looking tiles may be prohibitively costly in greater measurements or may be for sale at all. As soon as you’ve done this, then proceed and nail the plywood into the studs.

Our occupation is really to provide you with high-quality closets, fast delivery occasions, and first-class business, at a high price which you’re in a position. Your kitchen remodeling job will not need to become high priced since if our intention would always be to bring for you substantial exemplary kitchen-cabinets in the top best price tag. Most layouts, colors, and layouts are really lovely. Shaker This fashion depends on purity, ability, and simpleness. It’s likely to additionally pick a lot of type s that you just purchase in 10×10 Kitchen Styles image series to create your very own personality. This tasteful do, or style could be the perfect fit to get a traditional household and can be sure to impress any own visitors.

10x10 Kitchen Designs

The type of cooking space cabinets you’ve got are a critical aspect to consider regarding the in-depth kitchen space design fashion. Small and midsize kitchens and foyers may do exactly the work well with tiles that are larger onto a lawn. It’s virtually always advisable to begin your adorning by making the house organized and clean therefore you have secured a fresh canvas to work together with! You might need a wall ribbon hanging out a friend who can supply you opinions about the look since it needs contour! Wreaths additionally make amazing gift suggestions keep that in your mind at an identical moment you’ve got most one’s paraphernalia out.

In lots of cases, most individuals are sure to want their kitchen region to coordinate together with the general personality using the design of this house. Consumer-choice is very best online, which ensures that you enhance the potential to employ it and also the probability of seeking the exact look that you will require. It truly is critical to get into account what ahead of building a layout choice which is past, and also think about their look thoughts out there.

Clothing should be more emptied down so. Your one-stop go shopping to get an excellent number of chimney prerequisites, our services and products arrive at a broad collection of alternate options to choose from. I enjoy buying AllBrands due to the fact I’m aware which I’m able to come across a superb selling price and premium quality. Initially, you are ready to attract thoughts in-house or books betterment television displays, the internet or go into a house and backyard displays or screens to obtain some notion of their expense which can be entire and also what is obtainable. Whatever design of inside layouts you have got in your residence, our large selection of low-cost kitchen-cabinets will be only one among many best in Minnesota, USA. Residences can be located in lots of designs and created utilizing a variety of services and products. Often, men and women will motivation their cooking spot to organize with all the typical style and design and vogue in your own home.…

The 3 Things That Only Real Entrepreneurs Have

The failure of entrepreneurship in real life is so commonplace that business schools should prepare you for it.

It is said that the being-entrepreneur is brought in the blood but paradoxically it is also thought that any person can be. Or at least that is how they taught us from business schools and from the impulse in recent years to incorporate into the school curricula the need to undertake. Now it is common that from high school, students have a subject called Entrepreneurial Project or Business Development in which they must generate a Business Plan, with its mission , its values , its business model , its projections and other things.

Thus, having a business plan you can begin to feel entrepreneurial because, at least, you have a structure of work and a concrete idea of ​​how it could be a reality. However, the problem of business schools, mostly is that in its entirety, is that they continue to treat entrepreneurship as a series of theoretical tools for efficiency and success and not as a set of practical guides for the difficulties own of the real world. And for the same, it is up to the third or fourth entrepreneurship that the entrepreneur has knowledge of what to do, what not to do, how to move forward and to know what one fails. This is an implicit middle rule of the famous Silicon Valley , in which the failure of 4 or 5 previous projectsIt is the standard for every entrepreneur who finally gets a winning project , which will be after much effort subject to be funded by Investment Funds and Venture Capital.

And it is precisely this condition that makes what they teach in the Business Schools often falls short, especially when the recently graduated -famous entrepreneur- faces real life. At school, failure is not taught, but because of this, you do not learn what to do when you have a setback.

The failure of entrepreneurship in real life is so commonplace that business schools should prepare you for it. However, as this is not the case, it must be the same experience and time that generates this knowledge. Of course, after many sorrows and suffering.

Over time, the experience generates three tools that even the best business school or book can not teach:

  1. Smell
  2. Resilience to failure
  3. Cynicism

How easy it would be if we could learn these three tools when watching a Youtube video , reading a business book for Dummies or attending the entrepreneurship Masterclass of some incubator! But since this is not possible, we will have to make our own mistakes so that the experience will do its job.

1. Smell

After failing in the first venture or in the second, the experience teaches the entrepreneur, in his own flesh, one of the most important lessons he will ever learn: sales are the queens of the company and everything else comes out. That the most important thing is to sell does not mean that the social impact, the quality of the product, the attention to the client do not have an important weight. However, spending precious time writing mission, values, vision and other trivia instead of selling is really tragic. And more sad to know that this lesson is not as common as one would think when one is taught to undertake.

In contrast, the first steps of any manual to start a company is to detail what is the mission and values ​​of the company. And how depressing it is to read missions and visions full of words like “We are a group of professionals who will offer the highest quality …”! Even worse is to warn the public that the values ​​of the company will be “… with honesty and work ethic …”.

It’s sad because, as a rule, talking is much easier than acting, and you can talk very easily about “quality”, “commitment” and all kinds of values ​​within your mission, but when your work really shows it, You will not even have to say it because your quality, your honesty or your professionalism will be evident.

Wordiness does a lot of damage to projects when the entrepreneur spends time in it instead of generating sales, differentiators and value attributes, customer networks, etc. And the biggest problem of all this is that the only way to realize how much this talk is irrelevant is with experience – with the fall of two or three companies in which time was devoted to it. The sense of smell that is generated through experience teaches the entrepreneur that the most important thing of a company is not “to be a reference” or “to be a leader in the industry” or “reach the whole world in 5 years” but to sell, sell and sell . Companies that do not sell, close yes or yes. The companies that sell can go astray but will always have time to adjust and improve. Therefore, the first rule of entrepreneurship must be to sell. Then everything else comes. Learn to sell! Be traditional products, be innovative products, be social impact, befair trade or whatever you want.

“If you show us this before making business plans and sales projections, it may not be necessary to close 3 or 4 companies before having a successful one.” quotes from Musikji

2. Resilience to failure: learn and follow

It is said in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that academic curricula in business schools should include a subject to be able to accept failure as a way of life when one wants to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because it is very difficult, indeed almost impossible, for the project to come out perfectly at the first time. On the other hand, what any enterprise has for sure is stumbling, falling and needing to get up again.

It is argued that in societies where the failure of a project is seen as negatively as it can be in Latin American societies (compared to the acceptance of failure as a way of life prevailing in ecosystems such as Silicon Valley), it is more difficult to create ventures for the same social fear of seeing less. It is similar to saying that the only way to remove the fear of falls is to get back on the horse, which has a somewhat simplistic but at the same time very useful learning: on the one hand, it tells us that one gets used to it to pain, to bruises and scrapes and at the same time, one learns that real pain is not as strong as fear was. With so much fall and failure, callo comes out and makes us stronger. Each fall makes us learn to adapt and, therefore, to be more resilient.

3. Cynicism

That life makes us more cynical, is undoubted. Maybe that’s why we see fewer dreamers full of ideals of advanced age. However, also because of that cynicism we are able, by adding years to our portfolio, to find shortcuts to reach our goals faster. Cynicism here works as a tool that takes us to the purely practical field, far from the theoretical, with which you can avoid some headaches. Cynicism does not mean a kind of skepticism or a kind of contempt but an implicit disbelief that makes us take many more direct paths.

Do not forget that cynicism is useful for the entrepreneur to be a product of experience but no longer useful if this is a product of the attitude of the entrepreneur. That a young person is cynical exactly breaks with the enterprising spirit of the dreamer that breaks barriers and overcomes obstacles. The cynic by attitude , surely, will not even start his project. The entrepreneur who acquires a bit of cynicism with age, will be able to find shortcuts with partners, avoid difficult customers, reduce meeting times without a future, etc.…

Stages Vital To The Entrepreneurship Process

It all started with a simple question: if I had a dollar (or 100 thousand, it does not matter), what would I invest in at this time?

Mexico lives the golden age of entrepreneurship. I do not know if the entrepreneur is born or is made, but from my experience and the support of some ideas taken from books, I want to highlight the stages that I consider vital in the process of entrepreneurship while describing the development of the adventure that has been for me.

Most of the time, entrepreneurship arises from the information obtained in the professional walk or by the environment in which one develops. For example, the son of a shoemaker who comes up with a revolutionary shoe system, knows the needs of his segment and can undertake in that area. So is the director of a logistics company who resigns to open a business that supports carriers in certain routes in which he has already identified potential.

Entrepreneurship is almost always the same: it is capitalized on a market knowledge and / or previously acquired product. However, in my case, it was the process that led me to identify the opportunity to undertake, and not the other way around.

Many times you try to build a case around an idea and this procedure is wrong because we justify its existence without analyzing the situation correctly. It’s like the Americans say: ” Trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole “. Myopia of workshop.

Then, almost seven years ago, placed in a very good position (and very well paid) within the structure of a large Mexican transnational, I decided to undertake and begin the analysis that would change my life. It all started with a simple question: if I had a dollar (or 100 thousand, it does not matter), what would I invest in at this time? Although the question was simple, it detonated the structural and sectoral analysis that led me to where I am today.

1. Understand the scope

The first step to answer my question was to do a regional exam. True, we live in an interconnected world and therefore it is difficult to find opportunities at a glance. In my analysis, I identified the expectations of growth in the various world economies: Europe and the United States entering or leaving recession, China and Australia slowing down growth and regulatory problems, until finally I arrived in Latin America.

At that time the region was the great promise: Colombia with its great structural and regulatory successes like this site omdimas.com, Peru with an overflowing economy driven by entrepreneurs, and of course Mexico and Chile. The whole region was experiencing an explosion of possibilities and expectations. I needed to delve and see what was there.

2. Identify the sectors

Having identified the region in which I would like to invest, I discovered that, due to the lack of investment for so many decades, there was a possibility of double-digit growth in certain sectors over the next few years. Among them were medical equipment, infrastructure, safety and education! Then I had more questions. What’s in education? What can be done in that sector?

3. Define the opportunity: education

I have always been fascinated by the transmission of knowledge and the different methods to achieve it. In addition, throughout my professional career I have kept in constant contact with the training centers of the companies in which I worked, so when I defined the sector as an opportunity, the progress on the project was organic, driven for my interest and curiosity.

Wait for the next delivery in two weeks.…