Tips for Living Post-Split

No one has ever imagined his marriage in a luxurious and happy design now ended in divorce. Parting with loved ones is something that is so bitter to go through, sometimes we almost give up in dealing with it. Where Post divorce many experience things that are not wearing.

Life is not always sweet, ignorant of the adage, if there is a meeting, there must be separation, this is indeed a reality that must be followed. Divorce or separation is not the end of everything. It was the beginning of life to change everything. And rest assured after undergoing bitterness in life there must be happiness that will come to us.

No doubt if parting with loved ones will make us feel deep sadness. Here are tips for getting divorced so that sadness quickly fades:

Take time for ourselves (alone)

Spending time for yourself does not mean daydreaming, daydreaming even adds headache to dizziness. What is meant here is to do activities with ourselves such as talking to ourselves as much as we like, talking with writing in diarrhea, watching a favorite movie or shouting / singing as fast as possible. It is hoped that in this way we can vent hidden emotions.

Meet friends who have become our true friends

A true friend is a friend who understands our situation both in times of pleasure and difficulty and can cover up what is happening to us. For a true friend or family that has been trusted, we can devote what is a burden on our minds about the problems just faced. Ask for opinions and positive suggestions from him and invite friends or family to do positive activities that can divert the mind which refers to post-parting sadness. With our friends or family, we will not be embarrassed to go out of the house. if you used to be with your partner now, you already have someone to accompany you when you leave the house. that way we will no longer be inferior to our status of solitude.

Be yourself

In the process of divorce the women are mostly depressed, shy, helpless or emotional. Things like this do not continue to make a drastic change in ourselves. Be a woman as a generally good and polite woman in mingling with neighbors or family. Prepare yourself to be a smart, strong woman, and never give up in life. With that true love will come again by itself. And sadness will change with more happiness.

No need to be ashamed of the new status because actually life is beautiful to enjoy

If you already have children, you should not hesitate to explain to the child about the status that was lived at that time. That way children can understand the condition of their parents. Teach children not to be embarrassed or insecure because their parents are not together anymore but can still meet if the child feels missed wanting to meet.

Discover new love

Do not let separation make us traumatized to rebuild with new love. Open your heart to future partners, with a new love of sadness or trauma slowly disappearing. Don’t be afraid of new things that will be lived. It’s better to be honest about your status at the beginning of your date. Because true love will accept our condition whatever it is.

Those are some tips so that we are quickly released from sadness after separation. May be useful.…