Facts That Happen When Working Together With Friends or Close Families

Having close friends in a job makes us more enthusiastic about work. In addition to friends, you can also make us more comfortable and relaxed. But gradually, simplicity, that convenience will change over time. Moreover, we with friends / relatives get positions in different work such as superiors and subordinates.

Following are the facts that occur in a job with close friends or relatives:

Working with people we already know can make ourselves special compared to other colleagues like being made a believer. The work also feels light because of the help of our friends or relatives. but the bad thing is that we will even feel a greater sense of responsibility because of the unpleasant feeling compared to other colleagues. Bad taste makes us depressed to be able to produce and work more efficiently.

By working with close friends or relatives we can contact or meet at any time if you will need to do business. It’s easy and often found to make us bored with things like that, just like when we meet in an event outside of work, the problem discussed is still work.

We become enthusiasm for work because we do not hesitate to issue opinions if we have a good opinion for progress in the work carried out. It’s not good that we feel indifferent to work because everyone has helped. Things like that must be avoided immediately.

We feel comfortable and safe with friends or relatives if we have secrets to work. But it would be good to remain alert to friends or relatives. Do not always tell the secret to friends or relatives. Humans are nothing perfect while good can be believed in managing secrets, but if there is a little ugliness, the secret can break down. So keep yourself up and be positive.

Relationships between superiors and subordinates are not always smooth, so even if a close friend or relative can still be separated because of work affairs. Therefore work professionally like other colleagues. Forget about the shadow of a close friend or our brother. if a friend or relative is forced to show poor performance in the progress of the company and is forced to stop it, look for the right reasons so that the relationship between friends or relatives remains intact even though it is not shared in the work bond.

By working with friends or relatives, we become more knowledgeable because we conveniently share about the knowledge we have. But bad things can happen if a friend or relative has ambitious work. Then recognize the character of a friend or relative as much as possible. This can damage trust and break proximity. The bad thing is if our knowledge has been absorbed by friends or relatives and they are stingy they don’t want to share with us. we can be left behind and friends or relatives get appreciation from the company.

That is the fact that happens if we work with close friends or relatives. Therefore, even though they are close friends or you remain vigilant. Inagatlah that humans are not always perfect. Sometimes good is sometimes bad.

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