Different Ways of Parents For Children Can Have Assertive Attitude

The socialization of small children is in the form of playing with other children both outdoors and indoors. The attitude of one child with the attitude of the other child is certainly different. There are those who want to budge and those who directly overtake in fighting over toys. So it is important to instill assertiveness in the baby so that in socializing to other children feel comfortable.

The assertive attitude that is planted early on in the future will become personally responsible, daring to make the right decision, able to accept failure, not despair, and able to accept the deficiencies in him.

According to experts, parents can apply assertiveness to the baby in various ways. Here’s how parents should do it:

Giving compassion and full attention

By giving him love and attention that is full of children, he will feel that he has a parenting style that can foster confidence. With confidence, children will be easy to get along with other children.

Instill independence in children

By having a child’s self-reliance can help himself and be able to do everything or his own needs. With such a self-reliant child it is not easy to fall, if the fall will wake up alone without asking for help from a friend or parents.

Invite to play

The child is invited to play with his friends so that the child is able to imitate the attitude of his friend. Usually this method is an effective way to learn. Parents should accompany them when they are playing with their friends so they can provide affirmation and advice on things that can be used to support assertiveness.

Sharpen communication skills

Communicating well is a safe and comfortable way of expressing an opinion or something you want. To train him, ask the child to share the activities he has been carrying out in a day. And as parents you should give direction.

Engage the child in making decisions

Appreciate every opinion the child puts forward. Ask the child to mention what they want even if it is different from the opinion of their parents. It is intended that children learn to have different opinions or their own choices according to their tastes.

Those are some ways that can be done so that children have an assertive condition that is able to socialize well. may be useful.

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