Causes of Toddlers Refusing to Eat

Refusing to eat or having difficulty eating is common in the world of toddlers, which makes most parents feel confused in overcoming it. Starting from being given vitamin appetite enhancer until using other ways there are even some of their parents who force him to eat for health in his growth and development.

But as long as we know that coping with toddlers to eat by forcing them will actually make him stressed, nauseous, traumatized and even negative. And keep in mind the behavior of parents is easy to imitate by your little one, so be good at caring for your little one. According to experts, children have difficulty eating, there are causes and toddlers with one another have different causes.

The following are the kinds of causes for toddlers having difficulty eating:

Tired of the same menu

Not only our toddlers are adults if the food menu alone will reduce appetite especially toddlers. We recommend that you choose a varied diet and different flavors. In addition to reducing appetite with a different menu indirectly can make your child get an education about various kinds of food menus and later the little one will eat easily or just love the food menu.

The stomach is still full

This is caused by many toddlers snacking so that at mealtime he still feels full which automatically if given solid food will reject it. The fix is ​​to make a regular schedule and apply rules about what can be eaten and at what time to eat.

Irregular schedules for meals

The reason is usually because they are busy eating schedule that causes irregular child. Even though a regular schedule will show discipline. In order for your child eat on a regular schedule should be routine in the rearranged.

The digestive organs are disturbed

If this is the cause should consult a doctor. Indigestion usually occurs around the mouth such as thrush, cavities, food at meal stuck between your teeth or it could be because of abdominal pain caused gastric disorders. It is very likely to decrease your appetite for the small.

Because of psychological disorders

The attitude of parents who are rude, fierce, tense and even scary in overcoming children who have difficulty eating with the aim of wanting to eat will have a psychological impact on children. It is better to create a pleasant dining atmosphere even though the baby is difficult to eat. be patient and gentle, surely in the time of meal time the child will not be traumatized by the mother.

Those are some of the reasons why children have difficulty eating. you should overcome the cause so that the child starts opening his mouth to eat. may be useful.

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