Some Things That Cause Babies to Cry

You as a parent, especially your mother, don’t panic when you find the baby crying, because that’s how your baby communicates or how the baby communicates something. All you need to understand is what causes the baby to cry. It’s not easy indeed, but here you are tested for your carefulness and sensitivity to the baby.

Crying babies are caused by several things, including:

Because hungry / thirsty

This event is most common in infants. Immediately give your milk so that the baby fruit is calm again.

Because dirty diapers

Babies will feel uncomfortable, so how to tell you to cry. This is usually what the mother does not think about, because the mothers think that their children are hungry so they give milk. But if the baby’s cries are still there, and the baby doesn’t want to be breastfed, then try checking the diaper. If it is dirty, immediately replace it so that the baby is comfortable again.

Sleepy baby

Usually babies will become fussy when they are sleepy. There are several ways to make the baby sleep, namely breastfeeding, carrying and taking a walk, hugging the baby while gently stroking the baby’s head, etc.

Because of the weather

Both heat and cold can make a baby uncomfortable so cry. The right step to overcome this is to give clothes that are in accordance with the temperature. Thick clothes when the weather is cold and the clothes are thin when the weather is hot.

Feel insecure

Immediately hug the baby, because the baby will feel comfortable and safe in the mother’s arms.

Babies will grow teeth

In infants aged – / + 5 months will grow teeth, then it can cause pain. Now that’s what causes babies to cry.

Bored with the situation

Take a walk to another place, the atmosphere and new air will make your baby happy.

Because of illness

Babies will fuss and cry continuously when they are experiencing an illness. Disease that can occur outside, such as scratching, claws on his own hands, etc. There can also be diseases in the body, such as fever, flu, coughing, etc. For flu, fever, cough can be treated with breast milk, so often give milk so that the child recover quickly. But if it happens long, you should immediately consult a doctor, so that the cause is known.

Those are the reasons that cause babies to cry. The most important and must be understood by the mother is to stay calm, don’t stress. May be useful.

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