Face Care For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy should not reduce your desire to still look beautiful and charming. We recommend that you do routine maintenance so that you still look fresh and beautiful, even though you are pregnant. This is not only useful for outward appearance, but will have a positive effect on your mind.

That is important, because pregnant women should not be easily stressed so that the fetus in their body is not disturbed.

The ways to treat it are:

Clean your face or face regularly

Do it twice a day using a good soap and match your character’s type of face. Do not let the facial soap you use do not match your skin type, because this can cause acne.

Use facials

Aims to facilitate blood circulation to the face. It can also emit a fresh face.

Use skin care that is useful for removing dead cells on the face

Look for products that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Useful for stimulating a better skin regeneration process.

Using skin care that has fruit content

Fruit contains vitamins C and E, which is very good for treating your facial skin.

You can also use a cream for nourishing the skin

This can be done because usually pregnant women experience a decrease in skin quality due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. examples of face creams for pregnant women are sunscreen, sudblock, etc.

Use a mask

Do it once a week, not too often. This aims to tighten facial skin muscles.

As for what needs to be avoided in an effort to treat facial skin are:

Do not use body soap for the face. The alkaline content found in body soap can affect the oil balance on the face, so it should be avoided.

Don’t use excessive makeup. You may just use makeup to support the appearance, but you should use only a little or just enough. Just give a thin make up so you look fresher.

Those are some ways to take care of your face when you are carrying a baby. Look beautiful can be at any time and under any conditions. May be useful.

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