Work More Productively with These Apps

Surely you want this year all activities run smoothly. Includes activities that require a laptop to support your work. If you want your computer can run effectively as you wish, then you need to install the following best apps, especially for you who use Windows 10!

Productive Apps
Productive Apps

Apps That Make Work Become Easy

  • Google Chrome

For those of you who can’t stand the speed of slow internet access, Google Chrome is a good choice to use. It’s just that Chrome consumes large amounts of RAM memory. If your RAM is limited, just use Opera even though this application runs slower. To make Opera run faster, just activate Opera Turbo mode in the latest version of 41.0. Fun fact is that Google Chrome is everyone’s favorite browser.

  • K-Lite Codec Pack

Have you ever experienced annoyance when you can’t play in certain video formats? Overcome this problem with K-Lite Codec Pack. This application can play almost all video formats including high-resolution videos. Watching favorite videos will be more fun.


Paint is a default application on Windows OS that is useful for processing simple images. is the latest version and can be used to edit images and photos. In addition, you can also reduce the size of the image that is too large to not meet the hard disk.

  • Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an application to record the activity agenda. Also useful as a special note reminder. The advantage of Wunderlist is that you can insert documents, music files, and images. Even we can also compile a shopping list.

  • Enpass

If you are a Windows user on all gadgets, Enpass is an application that must be used. Enpass has a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to store all passwords in various applications in an integrated manner. So you don’t need to worry about forgetting your password to open your personal files or documents!

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