5 Tips Align Hair with Natural Remedy

Hair is like a crown for humans. No wonder if most people both men and women crave healthy and beautiful hair. Straight, long, healthy, and beautiful hair is a picture of the hair that many women dream of.

But unfortunately this hair is not always owned by all women because there are also women who have waves hair, fluffy and unruly, even curly. In order for curly, wavy, and too fluffy hair to be easy to set and look more beautiful, hair should be straightened out. Hair straightening with the use of chemicals is very dangerous for hair health. Hair will be damaged and easily fall out.

In addition to damaged hair, the cost of hair straightening with chemicals commonly used by most hair salons is also quite expensive. Of course you will experience big losses, right? Want to straighten your hair safe and effective you can do by using natural ingredients. Curious about any natural ingredients that can straighten hair? Here’s the information for you.

How To Remedy For Straightening Hair

5 Tips Align Hair with Natural Remedy
There are several ways to straighten hair, but which one is best? Try to read some of the following tips yes (guaranteed natural):

Celery leaves

Celery leaf was already used as a natural herb hair straightener ever. If you are interested to try it, it is very easy. Take celery leaves that are still in bloom and then wash them thoroughly. Puree by pounding then mix with enough water. Squeeze the celery leaves that have been mixed with water and water celery leaves you use as a potion for creambath.

Well, for optimal results, you should leave the celery leaf juice for 12 hours before use. Perform this treatment on a regular basis. Guaranteed your hair will be straight, beautiful, and healthy.

A mixture of lime and coconut milk

Another natural ingredient of hair straightener is a mixture of lime juice and coconut milk. Lime juice can clean the dirt and fat on your scalp and hair. How to make this herb is also very easy. Mix two tablespoons lemon juice with a glass of coconut milk. Stir until flat and then store in the refrigerator until the herb is thickened. After thickening, apply to the ethiopian hairstyle evenly then comb the hair until neat.

Use a shower cup to wrap your hair to avoid exposure to the outside air. A few minutes later, do a massage on your head then rinse with water until clean. Perform these treatments regularly then the hair will be healthy, smooth, and straight.


Milk can also be used as a hair straightener herb. Combine one glass of milk and mix with half a glass of water. spray the natural-based ingredients of milk into the hair evenly then let stand for 30 minutes for the milk to sink perfectly into the hair. Allow to dry new hair and then comb to neat. Rinse your hair with water until clean then oelskan conditioner to your hair. Rinse again with water until clean.

Lime and coconut water

There are other natural ingredients that you can use as a natural hair straightener, which is a mixture of lime juice and coconut water. How to make it very easy. Combine one glass of coconut water with two tablespoons of lime juice and stir until blended. Apply the herb to the hair until flat and massage so that the scalp and hair become relaxed.

Use a comb to smooth your hair that has been smeared lemon herbs and coconut water. Comb the hair until it looks straight. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes for the natural ingredients to seep completely into the hair. Do not forget to use shower cup to cover / wrap hair for outside air can not get into hair.

Finally, rinse hair until clean. Perform this hair care routinely once a week. In order for this natural herb can function optimally, let stand for 5 minutes in the refrigerator before use.

Papaya and bananas

Choose papaya and bananas that are cooked and then destroy in a bowl. Give two tablespoons of real honey and mix well. Please apply on your hair and let it dry. If it is dry, rinse hair with water then wash with shampoo. Trim your hair with a comb and let it straight until dry. Do not pony or bend hair while the hair is still wet. Perform these treatments biweekly for maximum results.

Eggs and lime

Mix two eggs and lime juice and stir until blended. Use this herb as a hair mask. Let stand for 30 minutes then rinse hair until clean.

How, are you interested to try it? Choose one which hair treatment you think is easy and effective. All natural ingredients

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