3 Tips on Caring for the Right Beard, Guys Must Know

If you like to keep a beard, as reported by Pomadewarna you must know how to take care of the beard is right, so in addition to get the benefits of beard for skin care, you also can look more macho and handsome with your beard. If not treated, the beard can be a nest of bacteria and dirt, will also cause the smell of odor. Take care of the beard on your chin properly, such as the following ways:

3 Tips on Caring for the Right Beard, Guys Must Know

1. Trim the beard

Keep the length of the beard on your chin. Therefore, you should diligently cut it according to the size limit you want. For young people should keep a beard with a size that is not long, this will make your appearance more awake and interesting. Long beard size is more suitable for older men, while for young men, 1 to 2 cm long beard is enough.

2. Use shampoo or cream

The beard also needs to be cleaned, you can use shampoo to clean it. In addition, to keep the beard moist, you can also use a cream product for a beard that can take care of beard hair and provide enough nutris for the treatment.

3. Choose the beard shape according to the face shape

Reflect and notice the shape of your face. Is the model of your beard now appropriate? For those of you who have small face size, should not keep the beard widened especially the long size. You can adjust the smaller size. Similarly for those of you who have a rather wide face shape, you have the opportunity to make a model of a wider beard and a more dense size.

Note also the color of your beard and not to be left with the appearance of your hair wear suavecito. To keep the beard to keep the color black it must be given enough nutrition and a special moisturizer. You need a special product to care for the Sunnah of the Prophet. In addition, every bath you have to clean your beard, especially in hot weather and make the skin become oily. The beard gets smeared faster and creates an unpleasant odor.

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