Tax Holidays In Europe To Fund Security Funds

Tax Holidays In Europe To Fund Security Funds

The goal is to increase and ensure the safety of air traffic to that which you compete the EU. In fact, the bill could be approved soon aims to make money through those flying within the Schengen area.

The bill, reports Il Giornale,

will serve to establish the Etias (the Eu travel information and Authorisation System), ie a system to protect the territory of the member states and monitor 30 million hits in one year in a more efficient way.

The cost could be around 12 euro per passenger, bringing in potential figures coffers of Brussels between 500 million and 2 billion euro.

Finally, the spirit of the Constitution can not be humiliated by means of instrumental technical intervention or fine and sophisticated interpretative disquisitions. The rule of law and legal certainty in the application of national law must be safeguarded by the country and in the country and should be, on equal terms, even in the choice of the most appropriate way to act on the economic and financial limits of the budget.

The state must not give in to the temptation to solve problems taking the perverse way of generational conflict, using a double weapon first the long times of the Italian justice framed, made the spells debt, in the context of life expectancy for d ‘end age; and secondly the possibility to cancel a decree (Decree 652015 that has eluded the sentence 702015 of the consultation with the declaration d ‘unconstitutionality of art. 24 paragraph 25 dl 2012011 Monti government’, effectively restoring the block of equalization of pension payments) to the applicants a favorable judgment, or even involvement in a network of power the supreme Court and spalleggiando advanced rebuke from Senator Monti against judges at the judgment with which they had in fact considered unconstitutional the failure to re-evaluation of pensions.

The thing that makes the most damage is the repeated blockage of indexation, ie adaptation albeit very partial allowance for inflation. The block produces damage on the extent of the check that remain permanet for life, retiree and pension.

Fact number one just a few months ago the government made an effort of the devil to impose a solidarity contribution from very dubious constitutionality on pensions to 90,000 euro a year. How can we think that a few months after you impose contributions on pensions of € 40,000 a year Politically and socially implausible.

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