An Elegant, Modern House and Shabby Chic

An Elegant, Modern House and Shabby Chic

Today we will explore the interiors of a home furnished by the interior designer Gian Paolo Guerra, very classical interiors, but also give a lot of modern and shabby chic elements, creating a unique and fashion-independent result. The keyword is cozy, the environments, especially the living room, are extremely warm thanks to the massive presence of wood, both for the furniture and the floor. Parquet – in this case wide slats – is the main ingredient when you want to create interior living that knows home.

The living area

This stay is the perfect space to receive guests in great style, offering perhaps a fine wine or a good whiskey. Everything screams elegance, from full-height curtains to wall-mounted furniture, full of details and complete with lights. Impossible not to notice some modern and minimalist touches, such as the table in the foreground, with a metallic black structure, very simple and geometric, and a wooden top.

A space attentive to the smallest detail

Here is a view that makes justice right to this space! The moldings that enrich the furniture are recalled by the motifs we find on the ceiling and, as can be seen in the background, on the staircase wall. In addition to the walls and furnishings – fixed and non – they are also well cared for decorative items and decorative items, all chosen with great accuracy.

Fine furniture

This solid wood furniture is a really remarkable piece. The closable shelf, which we see here open, is a great place to exhibit some splendid objects.

A relaxing space

The palette of the living room is fairly clear and the result is a relaxed, quiet tone. Very nice light gray nuances of the sofas.

I study

A small part of the room has been devoted to the study, but it does not take away the fluidity of the spaces, but leaving everything inside this unique open space. The bookcases, though perfectly integrated with the ceiling of moldings, have a shabby chic look, very well complemented by lights. Delightful desk!

The kitchen

In the kitchen there is a particular mix of elements the dining table chairs dominate the space with contemporary design, very sophisticated, while the work area has a purely rustic, shabby, very delicate and perfect character in combination with the table!

The master bedroom

The master bedroom has a solemn, elegant and very romantic atmosphere. The fabrics give a very refined tone to the room, and there is also a lack of paintings and full-height tents that help keep the sophisticated atmosphere that the rest of the house has used to us.

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