The Role Of The Leader Is Comparable To That Of A Football Coach

The Role Of The Leader Is Comparable To That Of A Football Coach

Leadership, the ability and the art of creating and managing the consensus around an idea and a project is always accompanied by some attitudes and dispositions that can be recognized and trained as determinants in the formation of driving behaviors.

First, the ability to build relationships of trust, which must of course be reciprocal, and thus continuously fed binary options. Each person translates in its express their own way of being and feeling, as well as to think; for this reason, a good leader must be able to communicate, this term the ability to enhance all of the verbal language tools and especially nonverbal to convey feelings, emotions, attention and security.

A strong emphasis on the sense of knowledge sharing and the ability to collaborate, which depends on the atmosphere, the climate of the organization and its culture; this is a responsibility that the leaders can not evade. He is aware that, to succeed, must be able to know how to use the full capability of its employees by organizing them into teams, guiding them to effective collaboration and delegating to each his share of tasks and responsibilities. The leader’s role is comparable to that of a football manager he will never enter the field because his contribution is to prepare men to win any challenge, dragging them in difficult times and frenandoli in successful occasions; He must agree to be considered the culprit in the case of failure, but give back and share with all the merits of a victory.

One of the pillars that form the basis of good leader, you also know how to handle conflicts. To demonstrate this capability the leader must be able to listen to the ideas of others; define and circumscribe the problem; weigh the facts (which are objective), distinguishing them from opinions (which are subjective); learn to seek compromise; able to satisfy the conflicting demands; and, finally, use the flexible thinking, because you can solve a situation of impasse, finding a third way or proposing an innovative solution that solves everything and systems.

True leaders do not just play a role, but they are brought to build a horizon (vision) for which to strive. The vision comes from a mental process that helps to pass from the known to the unknown, the plan for the future, starting from an innovative reconstruction of facts, hopes, dreams, risks and opportunities.

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