From Grandma House to Chic Apartment (Palermo)

From Grandma House to Chic Apartment (Palermo)

This apartment is a project by DANIELA INZERILLO, architect and relooker, which has literally upset the style of an old and obsolete house transforming it into something sophisticated and in keeping with the times! The most important change has affected the distribution system from the traditional division into environments, the modern concept of open space has shifted.

The living area is now a fluid space, where the various environments are connected and communication is facilitated. On the other hand, over time, habits have changed a lot and it is increasingly rare to engage in slow cooking or to organize formal lunches or dinners. Instead, it tends to privilege relaxation and company, given the hectic pace, and therefore a unique and continuous space will certainly respond better to new housing needs. The extremely welcoming living room and dining room will surprise you and the kitchen … definitely has something extra!

The kitchen before and after

You do not need an expert eye to realize that the kitchen before the job left much to be desired. At organizational level, there was absolutely a need for a renewal and stylistic … are words needed

The new kitchen is totally open on the rest of the living area and in this way is also much brighter. Light, in fact, is a feature characterizing the project, which gives a lot of personality! Note the spotlights on the daytime opening and the Led lights that illuminate the work area.

The new open-plan facility

The new open space setting definitely gives a much more contemporary look to the living area, which was, with the separation walls and the dark wooden doors, much more damp.

The stay before and after

In the living room there were really too many items and they were crowded without an apparent criterion, with the result of a great disorder, a chaotic, no restful look. Now the living room is characterized by a classic modernity, with an elegant atmosphere, suitable for receiving guests with a certain degree of sophistication but without exaggerating, maintaining a relaxed and informal climate.

An area for informal meals

The kitchen is open on two sides, from a tall one to the dining room and then to the living room, on the other it transforms the work space into a comfortable plan for informal and fast meals, such as breakfast. Very beautiful the suspended lights that complete this space, with that slim and elongated shape, a real shot of design!


Also in the bedroom we find a pleasant play of lights, which brings a bit of dynamism on the head wall and makes the atmosphere warm and cozy – thanks also to the presence of wood. Really impressed the shabby lamp detail on the left!

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