An Elegant Vase To Transform A Small Bathroom

An Elegant Vase To Transform A Small Bathroom

In a small apartment, the smallest room is almost always the bathroom. That said, we do not believe that the decoration should be neglected. In the image, we can see how the red flowers completely change the feeling that space, predominantly white, conveys. A good solution to provide depth to the environment is the placement of a large mirror. Simple and elegant.

The importance of the mirrors

Rare are the times in which, in small apartments, the spaces appear integrated. This is a good solution when trying to further expand the environments that visually connect different areas of the house. However, some people prefer independent spaces, each with its own personality. In this project, we can see how a large wall separates the living room and kitchen areas. But is not any wall. The wall is completely covered with mirrors that offer a greater depth and distribute the light more evenly.

A vertical garden

For those who love plants, but has little room to have in abundance, there is the possibility of installing of vertical gardens. And ‘the case of this apartment. The vertical garden has a strong presence in space, making it more elegant and isolating both from a thermal point of view that acoustic.

The lamps with modern design

However small it may be, the dining room can provide ingenious solutions. A good option is to have a modern suspended lamps which runs along the length of the board.

The recessed lights are more functional

The recessed and suspended lights are functional. Furthermore, they have a modern choice, able to create a very pleasant and quiet, and therefore more conducive to rest.

A well distributed kitchen

A well distributed kitchen, with light colors such as white, gives the sense of order and cleanliness, with a simple design that can be useful for the insertion of a laundry in a similar way to what we see in the image.

A laundry room in neutral tones

Ninth in our image, we see the laundry room of the house that has charming details such as wicker baskets and small plants, essential to transform a common decoration in an elegant and refined decor.

warm and cozy details

In a small room you must not give up elements such as a fireplace so as to be well organized and at the same time very inviting. Everything is possible!

An elegant table

The decor of the dining room has special determining its essence and uniqueness. simple decorative elements such as a flower vase without delay, make a much more special table.

Neutral colors for the bedroom

In small rooms, it is necessary to incorporate neutral and warm colors like white and beige, a good ploy to create a relaxed and peaceful.