A Apartment That Will Conquer You for Your Taste

A Apartment That Will Conquer You for Your Taste

In this Book of Ideas we will visit a great-looking, eclectic style apartment combining classic touches with contemporary design, luxury and practicality, comfort and elegance in a multifaceted and multifaceted interior design project from France. Let’s get together for this little dream. Follow us.

Ideas for your corridor

A space often overlooked is that of the corridor. In this project we can see how it is possible to make it a fascinating environment. The exposed stone wall is enhanced by the presence of a targeted and naturally enlarged illumination with a large mirror, which recalls and multiplies the materiality of the stone. To complete the configuration, a large photograph.

Spatial distribution

In the kitchen, as we see, we find a perfect space distribution. The large central wood table is embraced by workbenches and lightweight wooden shelves. The chairs are of different materials and shapes, reinforcing the eclectic style of the apartment. The exposed ceiling beams are enhanced by the suspension lamps, for a retro touch of great impact.

Kitchen and living together

The limited size of the apartment is exploited to perfection through an open configuration that holds together different areas. Kitchen and living room are made in one room thanks to a perfect distribution of furnishing accessories. The accentuated chromaticities of the electric blue sofa and the presence of a dark wood cabinet guarantee a smooth transition between the different areas.

Natural and artificial lighting

Illumination is of fundamental importance in the project, able to harmonize natural and artificial light to locate the different areas precisely and fluidly, separating the areas dedicated to the kitchen and those dedicated to the living area.

Elegant and rich in style

The living area exploits the accentuated chromaticity of the sofas, creating a combination of material of great elegance. The walls with the stone in the foreground add a rustic and informal touch to space, intimate and lively at the same time.

We carefully study artificial lighting

In order to make the kitchen more functional, in addition to natural light, it is important to carefully study the natural illumination: we therefore expect a capillary system that directs the light on the different areas of work. If we look for a few tips we might read ‘7 reasons to have an island in the kitchen’.

We do not underestimate the importance of shelves

As a last tip, but not least, remember not to underestimate the importance of the shelves: fundamental to keep everything in sight and at your fingertips. Especially when the space available for the hangars is reduced.

Classic and functional

The bathroom, as we see it, resembles the style eclecticism combining modern and retro in an elegant and functional setting, featuring a classic two-color bathtub.

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