5 Prohibition After C-section Operation

Cesarean delivery means giving birth with surgery which is a major surgery. So there are some taboos that should be avoided after a cesarean section. Actually I share these things with the caesarean girls because I have given birth to my baby by cesarean section. Because now everyone lives in a state of fluency and they face many problems after giving birth, so I can share my experience with Mother.


1. Avoid Sports

The first one is important. Yes mother, actually after giving birth baby, we really start thinking to return to normal form. But this is wrong, you should wait until 6 months. So why exercise to wait up to 6 months? because it will create pressure on the abdominal area and will damage the stitches.

So avoid lifting heavy objects, such as a bucket filled with water etc. So wait up to 6 months. Mother can start with pelvic floor exercises done while exhaling.

2. Avoid Constipation

We know constipation creates pressure on the abdominal area and it creates a burning sensation in the stitches of the mother. So stop eating junk food, spicy food. Drink plenty of water, eat green leafy vegetables. This is to keep the intestine system healthy and stitches will be safe and stomach area will also feel good now.

3. Avoid heavy activity

Yes, avoid housework, all the work that keeps mothers like us having major surgery. So do not be naive, body needs a rest. Steal time to rest every moment the mother can, because the body of the mother needs to rest to recover from caesarean section.

If the house is 2 floors, consider daily needs for several weeks placed on one floor. Even if that means the mother makes her own mini house in the mother’s room.

4. Avoid having sex

Avoid sex for up to three months with your mate, as it puts pressure on the abdominal area and also puts pressure on the stitches. In addition, the mother’s cervix needs time to heal and close.

During this healing period the mother should avoid putting anything in the vagina, if it does not want to harm yourself. So avoid it, or ask your doctor after a cesarean section when it can be related.

5. Avoid sitting on your feet (squat)

Now last but not the end. This abstinence is sitting at your feet. Yes actually after giving birth to a baby, we women start thinking that we can sit in the portion we want. But that’s completely wrong, we should not sit on our feet especially for up to six months. Because it will create pressure on the area of ​​our stomach and the back area of ​​the mother.

If we will not take care of this pain, the fear will last a lifetime. So avoid sitting on your feet, for example in squatting toilets, mopping floors, yoga, and anything. Avoid this for up to six months.

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