An Unbelievable Studio Manages To Organize Everything In Only 21 sqm

An Unbelievable Studio Manages To Organize Everything In Only 21 sqm

Living in big cities is, in some cases, synonymous with small houses. A Portuguese architect wanted to challenge the limits imposed by urban constructions, creating highly innovative solutions. They do not count the square meters and the magnitudes because the intent is just to exploit the environment to the maximum.

In this regard we would like to offer you an example of a studio that has undergone a truly amazing transformation. The space available, of only 21 sqm, was designed to be familiar, welcoming, without forgetting good taste. Work has been carried out by a team specializing in interior architecture where construction and refurbishment are essential. The studio, in the city of Lisbon, wants to combine functionality and design without ever forgetting its true original identity.

Inspirations from the past

Located in the center of the Portuguese capital, the apartment is characterized by traditional elements of the territory’s architecture and illuminated by the light that pervades the city. Time has made the environment completely degraded, but there have been small elements and materials that have served as inspiration to best tackle recovery.

Small things

Given the space dimension, architects preferred to opt for a unique environment but can combine different functions. From the picture it is clear how natural materials have been rewarded, broken by some color notes that light up the atmosphere. The space seems even wider thanks to the predominance of white color, which, together with the minimal complement, can give more luminosity to the room.

Two spaces in one

The main purpose of the apartment was to create two different functional spaces in one the first of the more private character used in the sleeping area, the other with a more convivial atmosphere consisting of kitchen and living. The distinction between the two areas was underlined by the modification of the roof and pavement which is slightly higher in the living area.

The yellow color is predominant and transmits feelings such as cheerfulness and positivity. Wood instead, chosen as a material, is specially designed to keep the old house intact, giving a touch of extra heat.

Flooring in the mosaic-shaped geometric space is the great protagonist that makes the environment even more special. The decisive character of this choice is to give the space a minimalist, but not monotonous style.

The bathroom area

The bathroom area, continues with the geometric and decisive flooring, with the joining of a shower coating on the green tones that can balance and harm the environment. The missing parts of the studio have been furnished with simple accessories, but thanks to the color and geometry game you have been able to create a truly original environment.