Performance Ministation Air 2

Performance Ministation Air 2

By testing with the Crystal Disk Mark the Hard Disk Drive Wifi MiniStation Air 2, it is a good unit with performance that is appropriate for the category we find results that are absolutely aligned with 109MB s reading and about 87MB s in writing. In reality, trying to transfer data to the disk I had quietly peaks over 110MB s with very large files (4GB).

Despite this margin note thanks to DLNA technology, you can leverage the disk with one of hundreds of applications on the devices we use.Using the notebook, you can access the MiniStation Air 2 simply by connecting to the network created by it and typing in any browser the address connected to the MiniStation Air 2, it will be essential to connect to the Internet itself via a special section on the browser itself (because on android, as mentioned above, the crasha application unfortunately) then it will be enough to select the homeID SSID and enter its password. If you do not have access control (as in my case) the connection will be a matter of seconds.

By recapitulating With the Wi-Fi in your device (tablets, notebooks, smartphones) you connect to the network created by the Hard Disk Wifi Ministation Air 2; From the application, or rather from the browser, you can navigate through your home network so you can enjoy both disk and internet content (more information on how to connect is available on the booklet and even better in the pdf Downloadable support from the Buffalo site).

It is therefore easy to connect to the Hard Disk Wifi MiniStation Air 2 and enjoy content even in cases where there is no real app to connect to it for example, in my case I tried connecting it to a smart tv with wifi; Once identified the Ministat network, the connected devices directly featured the disk with which it was possible to stream all the content supported by the tv (so .avi and .mkv without the least problem) via the DLNA.

As for Buffalo’s directions, the Hard Disk Wifi actually supports up to 8 simultaneous connections and up to 3 streams without any slowdowns in streaming – satisfactory for having only one 2.4ghz band. The disk has a powerful enough wifi that can easily cover the two floors of the home if positioned strategically at the center of it; Otherwise, in some parts of the house you will not have coverage (as opposed to what happens with a router positioned at the same point). When we are far enough away from the MiniStation Air 2, the speed drops, but not too much, and it is still possible to stream without too much trouble.