Which Museums In Milan Are Worth Visiting An Itinerary For All Budgets

Which Museums In Milan Are Worth Visiting An Itinerary For All Budgets

Museums in Milan

There are many museums that Milan hosts on its metropolitan ground, some located in the central circle, others in the outer ones; most of considerable width, but the smaller and hidden ones have nothing to envy to the big names.

Personally I am a lover of museums, if I have the opportunity I visit even more than one a day, and that is why, with this article travelhoundsusa, I want to tell you the three that I prefer in the Lombard capital.

Along one of the main courses in Milan, in Via Magenta, in a setting of beauty and historical importance, the city’s Archaeological Museum is located.

Inside there are exhibits dating back to different eras from Prehistory to Roman times up to the Middle Ages. In many cases the explanations, shown on the explicative panels on display, are available to everyone, young and old.

One of the must-sees is the Patera di Parabiago, one of the most important finds found during the excavations of 1907 in the town of the Milanese province. This is a silver ritual plate of the fourth century, finely worked and made in perspective of the cover of a funeral urn.

The museum itinerary is interesting because it allows the visitor not only to see the interior, but also the external ones thanks to the walkway that connects the Roman area to the tower hosting the other sections (Etruscan, Greek and medieval).

Before reaching the aforementioned modern tower, one can admire the old ones where, in one of them, there is a cycle of frescoes from the well-preserved medieval period. Returning to the starting point, it is possible not only to visit the small and well-stocked bookshop, but also the underground floor set up for temporary exhibitions, one of the best on the excavations in the Fayum in Egypt.

Once out of the museum, we recommend the visit to San Maurizio to the major monastery, located right next the frescoes in the chapels and the choir in front of the central altar are rare and make this church a sort of Sistine Chapel Milanese.

Between the Brera area and the fashion streets stands the Museo del Risorgimento housed inside Palazzo Moriggia. Spread over an entire floor, it is divided into several sections the Napoleonic era, the Five Days of Milan, 1848, the Wars of Independence, the Garibaldi section. Here are exhibited weapons and uniforms of the time, but also numerous paintings depicting famous people, such as Cavour, Napoleon, Garibaldi, and field battles, such as that of Custoza or Novara.

The must to see, however, are others! This is the kit with which Napoleon was crowned king of Italy in the Duomo of Milan, May 26, 1805; the original copy of Le mie prigioni by Silvio Pellico and the poster with his conviction; the cast of the hand of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the desk of Mazzini.