Making Anonymous Calls

Making Anonymous Calls

The reasons why you might need to hide their own smartphone or tablet phone number are different and range from mere entertainment up to standard requirements. And ‘an operation often used when doing a prank call, either with friends to not make it clear who the caller is, and both the little jokes to strangers desired, in order to avoid a civil or criminal complaint.

Or you may need the option Private number or unknown number when making a call to a person who is feared may behave like a stalker and call back so many times teknorus. Unfortunately, mobile operators such as TIM, Wind, Vodafone and 3 do not offer to holders of smartphone mobile phones Android, iOS and Windows so many alternatives to avoid being bothered by others, so remain in the anonymity is sometimes essential.

Fortunately, however, we think of the compartments of the software Samsung, LG smartphones, Huawei, HTC and Sony all others to provide an option to make anonymous calls. E ‘a feature since the old GSM Nokia, Siemens and many others that you can make anonymous calls by mobile phone, and the era of smartphones that have become as PCs and notebooks to all effects, the tools are also improved. Fortunately mobile is not as anonymous calls from fixed, where there is little to do and there are restrictions such as having to make a monthly subscription only to see the caller ID of the interlocutor on the other side of the receiver. It is an application of Google Play Store, a feature natively in Android Marshmallow operating systems, Lollipop, KitKat, or that it is an option already supported by your SIM card, you can make anonymous phone calls and is also quite easy if you know the methods and are also used only a few times.

However, we point out a very important detail. Find out from one of the beautiful Full HD display or Quad HD smartphone currently on the market, the phone number of a person under an anonymous phone call, it is always possible with the methods a bit ‘more advanced. So apparently if the display shows Unknown number you should know that with commitment and with the help of some applications it is always possible to recover the number of callers with anonymous. After showing the guide on how to initialize and calibrate the Android smartphone battery we will then introduce the guide on how to make anonymous calls.

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